About Us

Incorporated in 2015, Triune Business Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (TBV), was conceived with a vision to pioneer and engage different streams of businesses under one platform with a goal to achieve effective and dynamic synergies across mediums. Our mission is to liaise with people from various walks of business, talent, potential and integrate the outcome to unanimously benefit all. This is how we make business delightful!

As a business, we are serving clients who are spread across Asia, Africa and Europe continents, extending our operational excellence through various sectors like Project Management, Real Estate, Business Consulting, Shipping, Imports & Exports, Investments & Fund raising and more. Our exposure to various industries and the hybrid knowledge of having practical and theoretical knowledge from an operations standpoint is a rare combination and that would be one of our greater strength. We are currently working on multiple assignments broadly categorised into 8 main verticals namely:

  • Play Offs: Sports Centre Set-up, Management & operations
  • TEEM: Triune Events & Entertainment Management
  • EBC: Exellar Business Consultants
  • TREX: Travelon Explorers & Voyage Enhancers
  • FTCPL: FoodTech Culture
  • TT: Triune Translogistics
  • CREID: Consortium of Real Estate Investments & Developments

The services offered under each of these verticals are all clearly highlighted here.

Recreation Centre – Play Offs

Recreation is an activity of leisure, leisure being discretionary time. The "need to do something for recreation" is an essential element of human biology and psychology. Recreational activities are often done for enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure and are considered to be "fun".


In a nutshell, we are all about sports. Through the medium of sports, we want to promote health and wellness in everyone. Our mission is to simply ensure accessibility of sports for anyone, anywhere. Where most companies provide one or the other service in sports setup and management, we offer 360 degree solutions:

We identify land-owners passionate about sports, work with them to arrive at the right design & the right Solution.

We set up Infrastructure & build the team, as needed.

We operate, maintain & manage the sports facilities.

Event Management

A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose services over another. So here we are with fascinating and endorsed services. Ever since our endeavour began, we’ve been offering delighted and spotlight featured services.

We offer lavish, simplistic and startling events like wedding, Corporate, Private, Birthday, Brand promotions, music concerts, and infotainment events. We provide end-to-end elucidation for all kind of events.

Event management and event planning requires a few skills for success. Qualities such as attention to detail, creativity, patience and strategic thinking all come in to play at multiple points throughout the process. Therefore, we follow The 5 C’s of Event Management.

Concept, Coordination, Control, Culmination, and Closeout.

Business Consultation

When you need to accelerate your research, an introduction to the right person makes all the difference. Connect with people who have first-hand experience, so you can gain powerful insights to act with the confidence that comes from true clarity.

Triune Business Ventures connects you with an expert in a specific topic, business, or industry for a call or an in-person meeting. Tell us your goals and we will suggest the experts who can help you reach them.

Business Liaison

We perform a variety of duties designed to maintain relationships, exchange information and promote operations.

Real-world expertise. Trusted insights. Rapid decisions.

Project Management

Each project will have agreed and unique objectives as well as its own project plan, budget, timescale, deliverables and tasks. A project may also involve people from different teams within an organization who are brought together to accomplish a specific goal.

We follow the discipline of applying specific processes and principles to initiate, plan, execute and manage the way that new initiatives or changes are implemented within an organization.

Travel Solutions

For every one of us, travel came first. We’ve spent years living as nomads, pioneers, and voyagers— from island hopping in the Philippines to trekking in the Andes Mountains—travel is what we do. Our passion for travel shines through our exceptionally high-quality team.

Use our knowledge, sharing, experience and expertise to plan your rough itinerary for the destination you have always wanted to explore on your own. Read to know more about destinations you had only remotely heard of. Get a sense of all various travel experiences the world can offer to you. Allow us an opportunity to carve your travel plan once.

We do:

  • Hotels
  • Corporate Travel
  • Air Tickets
  • Around the World
  • Tour Planning and Consultation
  • Escorted Tours
  • Theme Holidays
  • Short Getaways

Logistics Solutions

We are built on the platform of deep industry knowledge and technical expertise. Our grasp on the domain knowledge has made us the harbinger for many pioneering technology-driven solutions that have changed the face of our clients’ businesses. Our clients have experienced first-hand modern, scalable applications that provide advanced end-to-end functionality, improved operational visibility, better financial control and tangible cost reduction.

We offer full range of transportation and logistics services starting from small consignment up to full container/truck loads, vessel chartering, airfreight shipments and other value-added services.

We don’t just move cargo; we support your financial and operational targets, partnering with you throughout all stages of the shipment lifecycle. Our goal is to build on the traditional freight forwarder relationship, to provide you with a transparent and clear logistic solution aligned to your business strategy.

We provide:

  • Road Transport
  • Earth Movers
  • Projects

Corporate Real Estate (CRE)

Usually, CRE is associated with office spaces full of desks, computers and meeting rooms but in fact CRE is a much broader term, including everything from warehouses to manufacturing plants to retail stores.

We at Triune Business Ventures, have formed a Consortium of Real Estate Investments & Developments (CREID), that would cater to all the real estate assignments we choose to work on in the CRE format, that extends our scope into planning, design and management of these spaces along with deal setting based on the client’s needs as well. The line between CRE and other forms of real estate management can become blurred but this is a matter for each organization to define for themselves as we have done for ours.

In the post-pandemic business landscape, property owners and managers are in search of solutions that will enhance the customer experience in raising as much funds on par with fair value pricing for their residential properties, enhance the employee experience in workspaces and optimize office space commitments for financial reasons and so on. CREID is the ideal platform for these solutions since they are based on experienced personals contribution and data that is easily gathered and when applied, deliver measurable results that streamline workflows, improve the employee experience and boost productivity.

Contact our team today and see how our solutions can help resolve and meet your real estate based needs without having to worry about the nuances of following a process or having a team to get the job done. Clearly, we fill that space for you!

Food Aggregation & Technology

With a passion to disrupt the food tech industry with our expertise and finesse, we launched few brands namely Sacred Swaad, Friend’s Kitchen, Food-Bud, Fine Flavours and 77 - The Banyan under the flagship of Triune Business Ventures Pvt. Ltd. With the growing trends in the food industry of having a dedicated channel of operations as we pursue excellence, the entire line of food brands are being realigned under one brand and in the process of getting registered as a stand-alone dedicated food tech company called “FoodTech Culture Pvt. Ltd.”. It is a brand that is in the delicious business of food. Corporate Catering, Cloud Kitchen, Fine Dine Restaurants & Community Eatery are a few of the formats that we currently operate.

In FoodTech Culture, we offer the following services :

  • Culinary Efficiency
  • New Product Evaluation
  • Menu Concept & Development
  • Restaurant StartUp/Planning
  • Catering & Event Planning
  • Kitchen Design
  • Team Development & Training
  • Recipe Development
  • Service Design
  • Facilities Planning
  • Food & Beverage Mapping
  • Ideation Sessions
  • Private Dining
  • Product Promotion & Demo
  • Pop up Restaurant
  • Kitchen Audits
  • Modernization of running kitchens

The Great Commission Media Network (TGC)

Content creation is the process of creating various forms of media that appeal to your target audience. It involves multiple steps, from generating an initial idea to promoting a published piece. And the content creation process involves different experts.

At TGC Media Network (erstwhile known as Triune Media), our goal is to make content that is truthful in formats that would be engaging for the viewers and would definitely be informative, enlightening, mind renewing and life transforming. We believe in promoting the right value systems that drive ethical and positive moral perspectives amongst the viewers.

We provide:

  • Road Transport
  • Earth Movers
  • Projects